The news media is not completely free of prejudices.

Sometimes the information you get will be biased, sometimes it will be only partially true and misleading, and sometimes….

…you may even find information that is simply untrue.

As a result you could end up believing things that are false, and form opinions based on incomplete or incorrect information.

To make matters worse…

…you are not completely free of prejudices either.

So even when the information you have is accurate, your interpretation of it might not be, which too can lead to confusion, uncertainty, misunderstandings, and other similar problems.

Filtro is an app program that helps users analyse digital news media, detecting any biased information that they may contain. It can also help track information which is not itself biased, but which nevertheless may cause readers to reach erroneous conclusions. The program uses a combination of artificial intelligence and users’ feedback to run its analyses.

It is free for individual users.

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